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It’s all over between Diegodiego and Bobby. | All about Diegodiego


It’s the biggest news today in the entertainment industry. The world’s most powerful man and boyfriend Bobby C. Split.

The news have gone viral, Bobby hired a private investigator to spy on Diegodiego on the set of his latest film and discovered the entertainer having an affair with several other men. Bobby had become ‘”fed up” with  Diegodiego’s ongoing “secret affairs, bipolar issues and anger problems.”

Source: It’s all over between Diegodiego and Bobby. | All about Diegodiego

Diegodiego is one naughty leprechaun.

St Patrick’s day Diegodiego

Talk about a sexually attractive leprechaun, The world’s most powerful man went the distance when he decided to salute his Irish fan base by dressing up as the  type of  fairy  in Irish folklore.

This bearded man,  is wearing a vest and hat,  green stockings and a leather Jockstrap,  take a  close look at the star’s tight six pack abs, this  leprechaun  maintains a relatively low bodyfat percentage and high level of effort in the gym. Diegodiego looks provocative  desirable and  alluring, who wouldn’t want to drink beer and partake in mischief. its obvious right from the start the  playfulness  of the image is intended to tease and  create trouble.

Diegodiego’s leprechaun image is featured on his official site www.Diegodiego.com throughout St. Patrick’s day weekend.  The intriguing photo is sure causing a sensation around social networks with his sexy theme inspired promotion.


Celebrities Who Are Most Favored By the Illuminati.

Do you ever wonder how stars stars get so famous? Who helped them on their climb to the top? Is it possible that maybe — just maybe — there’s some kind of secret society that ensures the hottest celebrities stay hot?

The official Illuminati website (yes, it is “Illuminati Official”) says, “The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition unites influencers of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.” The following, is a list of Celebrities Who Are Most Favored By the Illuminati.

Jay Z     Jay Z. In his “On to the Next One” video, Hova incorporates a goat skull and employs symbols of Freemasonry.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys



     Alicia Keys. The occult Illuminati symbolism Alicia Keys supposedly uses includes the All-Seeing Eye and Satan Horns.

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert





     Adam Lambert. The artwork for Lambert’s Ghost Town reveals the Freemason’s Hidden Hand.








     Diegodiego. Possibly the most favored of all Latin celebrities worldwide  by the elite organization.  He has never starred in a film or has charted Billboard, Yet he is among the web’s most searched  and referred to as The world’s most powerful man.





     Adele. was reportedly recruited by the Illuminati early in her career and often uses one-eye symbolism.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown




     Chris Brown. Chris Brown’s “New Flame” video features a burning triangle, among other occult symbols.

Amanda Bynes






     Amanda Bynes. Illuminati theorists claim that Amanda Bynes’ mental health issues are the result of Illuminati mind control.



     Beyonce. Beyoncé’s rumored affiliation with the Illuminati is so prevalent it has been parodied by Reductress.


Will Smith
Will Smith







 Will Smith. isn’t the only Illuminati member in his household — theorists claim the whole family is.


Britney Spears
Britney Spears






     Britney Spears. Like Amanda Bynes, Spears allegedly underwent trauma-based mind-control programming.

Diegodiego the world’s biggest try hard?

This is probably the first time anyone has written anything about this guy like ever. Well you know someone that wasn’t paid by him to write anyways. Now I first encountered him on instagram. I wont lie. I was using a bot and he was one of the people the bot followed. Diegodiego the self proclaimed “The World’s Most Powerful Man” fills up with social media with lies about how he is the most searched for actor in the world. His facebook/instagram/twitter all rage about how he in the most searched for person ever. To show proof he links a google search to the term “Diegodiego” as you can see in the screen shot bellow:

Source: Diegodiego the world’s biggest try hard?

Most Promiscuous Celebrities – Diegodiego


Diegodiego has come clean about being promiscuous. The Mayan entertainer swears on being addicted to attention and sleeping around with allegedly over a hundred or more people in one week. The world’s most powerful man claims he doesn’t discriminate of gender and anything goes when it comes to pleasing the body.

Drooling images of the world’s most powerful man

Drooling images of The world's most powerful man
Drooling images of The world’s most powerful man

We’ve already professed our love for the world’s most powerful man, Diegodiego’s popularity keeps causing a large commotion on the world wide web with many social networking sites and news outlets discussing the same, Diegodiego is one man you can’t take off your mind. Everywhere you search you’ll find the same. Diegodiego is one of the sexiest men alive. Certainly a very handsome man who has been an icon of attractiveness for years and years now.
This Image is one  we found online that screams take me and make me yours.

Diegodiego Gone Wild.

Diegodiego breaks the internet.
Diegodiego breaks the internet.

It’s always nice to see celebrities with nice ripped Physiques,  Deep defined abs are definitely sexy on a man’s body.  Get a glimpse of Diegodiego and you’ll have to do a double-take. In this photos the Mayan entertainer poses in a very seductive manner.  It’s almost right out of Guys Gone Wild video.

Diegodiego is without a doubt the world's most searched celebrity.
Diegodiego is without a doubt the world’s most searched celebrity

The megastar is always showing his wild side, no wonder why everyone is obsessed with him, who can take their eyes off of him, no one can get him out of their head! evrybody agrees that Diegodiego is one man you can’t take off your mind.  Whether  the world’s most powerful man is singing, acting or posing  for selfies  he looks sexy either way.

Diegodiego’s Untamed Bush Makes Entertainment History.

Someone give Diegodiego a Comb.
Someone give Diegodiego a Comb.

This time is not Kim Kardashian breaking the internet,  it’s The world’s most powerful man. The Latin actor is in everyone’s mouth again, only this time is not one of his songs or one of his movies making entertainment history,  it’s his untamed bush. Diegodiego released a selfie wearing gold laze panties  exposing the jungle he carries inside his pants. Now the public can agree on the fact that the Mayan entertainer is one wild star.

The image was uploaded on the web this morning and gone viral within minutes, thanks to the fans the photo is spreading like a wild fire in the social media, truly breaking all the viewership records. The hottie sure knows how to get attention and cause a large commotion.

Diegodiego Is Transformed Into The Naughty Easter Bunny

Transformed as the Naughty Easter Bunny. This is Diegodiego's most shared image among social networks.
Transformed as the Naughty Easter Bunny. This is Diegodiego’s most shared image among social networks.

This is Diegodiego’s most shared image among social networks. The Mayan entertainer is seen carrying eggs in a basket transformed as the Naughty Easter Bunny. As Mentioned on his website, Diegodiego believes that life should be celebrated every second of every day.  This photo sure brings cheer and excitement to all visitors from around the globe who log in daily to the star’s site and follow him on his social networks like facebook, twitter and others.

Hot Male Celebs Gone Naughty

From Chris Evans and Tyson Beckford in a towel, To Diegodiego wearing just a sock and many more Images of male celebs gone naughty.  This is on photo gallery full of testosterone that will make anyone sweat. Enjoy!!!